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“Neo-Shamanic Magick is an incredible journey steeped in the richness of Native American spiritual vision and power. Working through Neo-Shamanic Magick, I learned to communicate more intimately with the Divine and understand it’s messages through nature.
- Scott M, Houston TX
"With more than 30 years of experience on a mystical path (including training with a Medicine Person), its refreshing to hear someone talk about Native Ceremony in a way that is not frustrating or that makes me want to facepalm. Awesome perspective and many tools that you can add to your spiritual toolkit and practice. Highly Recommended."
- Michael Purvis, Las Vegas, Nevada
"The Shamanic Drumming Journey really put me in touch with my ancestors! I'd tried many times to get in touch with my grandfather since he passed, but only had glimmers of contact in dreams.
I found myself astrally projecting to a specific family reunion when I was a child. Every detail as if it was yesterday. My grandfather found me there and showed me exactly what I needed to learn!"

- G Desiree Fultz, Garfield AK
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